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The big idea

The products of Serious Toys are based on an advanced technical platform for tangible interaction (physical human-computer interaction) developed by Philips Research. It applies fundamental knowledge about game theory, how tangible interaction works in the brain and how the creation of content can be made easy. 

The workings and application of the technology of Serious Toys are the subject of wide ranging scientific research. Some publications on this subject can be found in the right column.

Leiden University investigates how TagTiles can be used for dynamic testing; here you can find more information.

The concept of TagTiles has been presented to children, parents, teachers, school boards and school suppliers. All responded very positively.

  • The intrinsically motivating properties of the concept has been demonstrated experimentally in several studies with over 100 children in total.
  • Interviews and group sessions with more than 80 parents in three countries showed that parents consistently recognize the added value.
  • Experts in pedagogy, developmental psychology and movement sciences have stated that the concept supports a natural way of development and learning and can help solve specific problems children may have in those areas.



Assessment and development of cognitive skills using tangible electronic board games
(Serious games on the TUI TagTiles)

Janneke Verhaegh, 2012
PhD Thesis

Validating a tangible test method for basic language skills in primary education

Joyce Krijgsman, 2011
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Dynamic testing with tangible electronics: Measuring children’s change in strategy use with a series completion task

Wilma C. M. Resing, Julian G. Elliott
British Journal of Educational Psychology (2010) 
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ESPranto SDK: an adaptive programming environment for tangible applications

Robert van Herk, Janneke Verhaegh, Willem Fontijn
accepted for publication at CHI2009.

Integral skill development with the TagTiles console

Janneke Verhaegh, Willem Fontijn
accepted for CHI workshop on Tangibles for children, 2009.

On the benefits of tangible interfaces for educational games

Janneke Verhaegh, Willem Fontijn, Aljosja Jacobs
DIGITEL08: 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning, 2008.
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A tangible tabletop game supporting therapy of children with cerebral palsy

Ying Li, Willem Fontijn, Panos Markopoulos
Fun and Games ’08: 2nd International Conference on Fun and Games, 2008. 
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Effective use of fun with a tangible interaction console

Janneke Verhaegh, Jettie Hoonhout, Willem Fontijn
PerGames workshop, International Conference on Pervasive Computing, 2007.
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Tagtiles: optimal challenge in educational electronics

Janneke Verhaegh, Willem Fontijn, Jettie Hoonhout 
TEI 07: 1st International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction, 2007. 
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Functional Fun with Tangible User Interfaces

Willem Fontijn, Jettie Hoonhout
DIGITEL07: 1st IEEE International Workshop on Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning, 2007.
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StoryToy the interactive Storytelling Toy

Willem Fontijn, Philip Mendels
PerGames workshop, International Conference on Pervasive Computing, 2005.
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