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At Serious Toys we believe that a close cooperation with the right partners is for the benefit of all parties involved, not in the least the users of our products. It is therefore a pleasure to present the following parties as our partner using their own words. 

KPC groep  |
“For more than 50 years KPC Group has been involved in improving learning processes at school. New policies, new insights, new technologies are primed for use at school by training teachers and management, by working with publishers and schools for teachers, and by helping companies to think from the point of view of the teacher. Our clients include organizations for education and training, companies, non-profit institutions and government agencies.”


Philips Research  |

“People learn continuously during their lifetime. Learning is therefore a very important aspect of our lives. However, especially in the early years, it is not always a pleasant experience. Serious Toys has developed new ways of learning that are more effective and are more fun at the same time. Using modern technology enables adaptation of the education process to the level of the pupil. This customized solution ensures that every pupil will be challenged at the right level.
Philips Research is convinced that a more effective and more fun learning process aids people to advance in their lives and is proud to be a partner of Serious Toys to together make that inspiring vision a reality.” 

Chess |
Chess is a design and development centre whose core competences are (embedded) software and hardware development. Besides this, Chess takes operational responsibility for the developed systems and products.
In relation to Serious Toys, Chess is the technology development partner of TagTiles and produces this innovative product in quantities. It will also do maintenance and repair (supply chain).
Over its twenty-year existence it has built a top position in the industrial, medical and financial markets. Trust is an important value for the company, with respect to both clients and employees. On the basis of this trust we can realize successful innovations. Innovation is our distinguishing feature of Chess’s image. We engineer your future !

Furthermore, we work closely together with the following parties.

Prof. dr. Wilma Resing | Universiteit Leiden

“Every child has potential and can learn something if the instructions provided are consistent with his or her level. Learning potential - the ability to pick up and apply something from an instruction - is studied with dynamic methods, where the level of support a child receives depends on its capabilities. I work on the mapping of the processes behind learning and potential. Insight into these processes and how to teach/train them is essential in employing new technologies such as TagTiles.”

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven  |

OP-Zuid |

Tagtiles is made possible by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of OP-Zuid

If you have any questions about becoming a partner please contact us at

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