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In education the attention for dealing with the differences between pupils is growing. This is a direct consequence of the increasing diversity among pupils and the increasing ability to determine these differences early. As a result a need arises for personalized learning solutions, focused on the individual pupil. At the same time, teachers do not have more time available per pupil so these solutions should not put an extra burden on them.

The traditional PC offers some possibilities, but it has a few drawbacks also. For one, the complexity of the PC makes maintaining and using it sometimes difficult. Maybe worse, children work with a PC via an indirect interface comprising a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. It is has been shown that this interface can limit the accessibility and educational value.

TagTiles together with its exercises is an alternative. It is an educational tool that is as direct as traditional, tangible learning material, but also as interactive as a PC, but without screen, mouse and keyboard. 



At the introduction of TagTiles educational publishers provide the first content: play pieces and software that, together with the board, constitute the educational material. Jegro will develop exercises that train the full range of basic cognitive skills for the lower grades of primary school. Zwijsen looks at exercises for the early development of math and language skills for children in primary education integrated with their existing teaching programs. It is expected other publishers will follow.
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Development tools

An important element is the special development environment for content of Serious Toys. It includes a new programming language, with which anyone can create new content quickly and easily. Teachers, psychologists, educators and other professionals with specific domain expertise can create new exercises independently. The environment also makes it easy to translate existing content into exercises for the board.
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Training and guidance

KPC Group guides teachers during the introduction and application in the classroom, supports developers creating innovative applications and helps school teams to change classroom management made possible by TagTiles. Opting for TagTiles is therefor also a choice for the safety of good support.

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Suitable for cognitive skills (including language and mathematics), fine motor and social skills.

Suitable for learning, testing and addressing learning difficulties in a playful, intrinsically motivating way.

TagTiles can be used by several children together, independently from the teacher.

During play the board detects unobtrusively the skill level of the child. This offers several possibilities:

  • The content on TagTiles adapts its difficulty level to fit each individual child
  • Early detection of specific learning disabilities or special skills
  • Testing can be embedded unobtrusively in game tasks, thus avoiding stress
  • The assessment of the child is more objective, making the results easier to compare
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